Tea Leaves (02/06/2017)

This feature will provide a platform for sharing information on pending legislation and executive orders, discussion of potential foreign policy developments, and intel on federal officials that might help understand and predict what is to come. Be forewarned some of these pieces may contain more speculation, though we will curate the round-up to ensure that any speculation is based upon facts. “Counter-narrative” items will also be included that contrast other items to help readers reflect and consider the possibilities.


“We seem to have lost the very rudiments of intelligence, the notions of measure, standard, and degree; of proportion and relation; of affinity and consequence…we people our political world with monsters and myths; we recognize nothing but entities, absolutes, finalities.”

-Simone Weil, 1946, As quoted by Jeffrey Isaac in “Arendt, Camus, and Modern Rebellion”


What in the World?


Shining a Light on the Shadows


Trickle Down Corrosiveness


Brave New World


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