Bios Praktikos

Bios Praktikos was Aristotle’s term for a life engaged in society and politics. Of the many ways of life he examined, he determined that the two most worthwhile ways to live were the Bios Theoretikos, the Life of the Mind, and the Bios Praktikos, the Life of Action. By engaging with our fellow citizens in the project of creating our society and birthing new endeavors, we create meaning in our lives and our world.


This blog is intended to act as a platform for sharing informati0n among those working to build a better nation and a better world. Besides providing round-ups of news and essays from across the internet, we will also be featuring weekly essays by writers that place current political issues and events into a broader context of political theory, philosophy, history, and literature.




Vagabondish is an American whose work focuses on political theory,  political science, public policy, and peace studies. He is currently a M.A. candidate studying Public Policy with a focus on Peace Studies. He has worked and studied in Europe, Africa, and Asia. He previously served in the United States Peace Corps.